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A beautiful reclaimed Old Mine Cut diamond weighing 1.27cts. In my opinion of M/N colour and Si1 clarity (non certified) Mounted in a handmade 18ct yellow gold button back mount. The gold completely encases the diamond giving this pendant a wonderful chunky feel. Diamond Circa 1880.

Please note this is the price for the pendant only. Chains available upon request.


A note about diamond certificates. I consider the only certificate worth having is a GIA certificate. However when considering old diamonds I feel this is not always required. Why? Well GIA certificates were introduced in 1952 and the diamonds they were certifying then and now fit that criteria and proportions and cutting methods. Antique diamonds do not fulfil modern diamond criteria. Antique diamonds were cut by hand to make the most of their "spectral fire" so they were prized to display flashes of colour. Not white "brilliance" as so heavily desired in modern laser cut diamonds. These diamonds are handsome, chunky, off-round, making them completely unique. Their girdles were never polished, sometimes displaying "naturals" - crystal faces - giving away a clue to their crystal sytem. These characteristics can be detrimental to a modern GIA certificate. Therefore I will always include an Insurance Valuation with each purchase stating what I consider the diamond to be, because this piece is handmade by myself I have already inspected each stone and physically weighed it. So the weight is never approximate. 

A 1.27ct Old Mine Cut Diamond pendant

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