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It's Friday morning and probably like a lot of you I'm engulfed in the minefield of homeschooling and I'm struggling with it, like really struggling with it, this time round feels so different, schools are up to speed with setting work online but I'm not up to speed with facilitating it to my children so I thought maybe now would be a good idea to start writing again as a way to focus my thoughts and distract myself when I can't physically be in the workshop. This is my first attempt blogging so bare with me!

I have some really exciting projects on the go at the moment and one opportunity that has presented itself is the chance to develop my "Hive" collection.

I came up with the idea of the Hive pendants around four years ago, with a view to using a percentage of the profits to go to a bee charity but I didn't manage to take things further, I made one in 9ct yellow gold and one in 9ct white gold as samples and they've been sat in my safe ever since. But I've recently started working with and with their support and encouragement I've begun to develop the collection. I've had in my head for a really long time that it needed to include a skinny hoop, an ear climber, a tiny stud, bracelet and neck chain as well as a mini signet ring and a chunky signet. Lots of pieces that can be mixed up and layered, that could be blank where possible for personalisation, with the opportunity to stone set and ultimately extend the collection further. I spent some time drafting sketches and measurements and sent these over to my CAD guy. In order to make this an affordable collection, commercially viable and consistent in production the best way forward is to create basic models that can be cast in different metals and adapted accordingly.

Hopefully by sharing this I can show you an insight into what goes in the ways in which I work and hopefully to take you on my journey for building the business. So the CAD files are currently with the casting company so that the models can be prepared and in the next week or so I should have the initial silver samples to share with you too. I'd love to hear you thoughts and please drop any ideas for future blog posts in the comments.

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